Our Projects

Our solutions, systems and modules are listed below

Please note that examples of our projects are presented in brief, we can develop custom solutions to resolve exactly your tasks.

Scientific and Application Projects

Ecology researches

Scientific research in the field of ecology, the identification of patterns of influence of technogenic factors (emissions) on the environment and animal populations (especially in areas of interest, for example, near enterprises). Monitoring of the animal population, together with the animal label system, the system module of the population and identification of significant criteria. Search and monitoring of drinking water quality and pollution factors. Observation at sea level and the volume of the world glacier, control over the melting ice of the Arctic and Antarctic. Monitoring the development of a population of whales, dolphins and fish, the movement of vessels, their mutual influence (including capture) Search for oil leaks into the ocean, search and tracking the dynamics of garbage islands in the ocean. Providing monitoring data for environmental research institutes

Transport and logistic R&D

Deep-Space researches

Standardization of satellite design

Electrical and Mechanical interfaces of satellite

Currently our goal is Cubesat based satellite platform. CubeSat technology use the latest materials and design approaches and experience. It provide the opportunity to resolve any scientific and commercial objectives applicable to the format of the Small satellite. Main advantages of this platform is: reduction of launch costs; equipments can be made in a short time; all modules can be quickly re-modified to other tasks.

Telemetry satellite systems

  • Mechanical impact sensors Unit
  • Microwave Sensor module
  • Dose Load Sensor module
  • Heavy charged particles sensors Unit
  • Solid State Drive Module
  • Accelerometers and Angular velocity measurement Module

Satellite Control systems

  • On-board data processor modules
  • On-board control modules
  • Timeline Forming Module
  • Rubidium reference generator module
  • Pyro cartridge power switching module
  • Propulsion Valve Control Module
  • Engine Turn Control Module
  • Embedded Software and Firmware

Navigation systems

Navigation modules

Navigation Antennas

Communication systems

  • On-Board TR-modules
  • Small Ultra-efficient amplifiers and passive elements of the microwave path
  • Small Active electronically scanned array (AESA)
  • On-Ground TR-systems

Specific payload

Optical observation

Weather observation

Test systems

Telemetry test systems

RF-test systems

Digital interface testing modules