Ubout Us

Who we are

We are highly qualified professional team with strong skills in fields of R&D of electronics systems, especially robust systems for space and other applications: telecom, processing and transfer data, RF-systems for communication and GNSS, telemetry and digital control systems.

Our mission

Allowing people to use Outer Space for research is simpler, cheaper, and more affordable for everyone.

Our goals

Our Main Goal is provide cheapest solutions for small satellites space projects with using standardization our development processes and unification our platform design.

Please check out our Projects for learn more about our goals

In conclusion

Also be sure to ask any questions if you are looking for more technical details about our equipment, you want to donate us, be a part of our team or even keep in touch with using our Contacts Page.

We are hiring!

PHOTON PRO is now hiring talant people for change the World!

System Engineer

Key skills: System moddeling, Matlab or SystemVue or LabView, Python or C++

FPGA Engineer

Key skills: VHDL, Verilog, Matlab or LabView, Python or C/C++

Software Developer

Key skills: C/C++, Qt5 Java

Test Engineer

Key skills: LabView, Python or C++, Prototyping, Hardware Testing